The Red Bandoliers, formed in September 2019, are a Hardrock band that started with three independent musicians that discovered their unique style after a few rehearsals. Their journey began with the recording of their first single, "Devils Thoughts," in February 2020. This single marked the beginning of their musical journey, leading to their first notable shows in Lower Austria and Vienna.

The band encountered a temporary hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but they made good use of their time by recording their first EP, titled "Old Gooseberry," in October 2020. Their music is primarily rooted in Hard Rock and Rock'N'Roll, but they are known to venture into other musical territories, including Blues, Classic Rock, and Metal. Additionally, they explore slower heartfelt ballads, showcasing their versatility to adapt to various musical influences.

In the summer of 2021, during the pandemic, the Red Bandoliers underwent a reformation by welcoming a new bassist and drummer to the group. This change opened new chapter in their musical journey, and they began working on their second EP. The band's ability to evolve and embrace different inspirations is a hallmark of their creative spirit and commitment to their craft.

In 2023, the Red Bandoliers continued to evolve and expand their lineup by adding a new guitarist to their ensemble. This addition brought fresh musical dimensions and possibilities to their sound, further showcasing their commitment to growth and creativity.

During that year, they also released two new singles: "Dance" and "1905." These releases indicate the band's continued productivity and desire to share their music with a growing audience. Each new single represents a unique facet of their musical identity and the evolving direction of their artistic expression.